Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 1

What an incredible first day! We flew into Guatemala City, a sprawling urban area of about 2.5 million people. After a 45 minute vanride, we arrived in Antigua- a beautiful small town at the foot of a volcano.

After going over some ground rules at our hotel, we set out to find some grub. Tristan led us through the town to a small bakery where we bought a loaf of banana bread to share while sitting in the town square. The bread was amazing, but we were still starving so we followed Tristan (aka ¨Guatemama¨) like a gaggle of baby geese, in search of a restaurant. All of his favorite local establishments were closed today, so we ended up in the KFC of Central America, Pollo Campero.

Clearly, we had a great time.

Ulimate was pretty much the only item on our itinerary today.  So we made our way over to the fields after lunch.

We played with some really awesome people today. There were players from all over the world. Some players were Safe Passage volunteers while others were locals or travelers. We befriended a pair of siblings who are riding their motorcycles and playing ultimate from the artic circle, down to the tip of South America. We had a blast playing with all of these new friends, even though it was pouring by the end. 

That there´s a volcano.
We ended the day with some delicious dinner at Sky Cafe in Antigua. The rainy season just started here, so it´s very wet, but Antigua still looks wonderful.

An Antiguan road at night.
We´re all excited to go to Safe Passage tomorrow!

Meg Duffy

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