Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 3

Hello everybody, welcome back!

Today started off the same way as yesterday so I'll just skip ahead a bit to the good stuff. We started the day helping out with English classes for kids middle to high school aged kids. We started off standing in a circle and playing the "I like_____" game. One person would stand in the center and, in English, say something that they liked. The thing could be food, an animal, a musician, or pretty much anything else s long as the person said it in English. When other people also like what was said they would have to try to find a new space in the circle. This gave the person standing in the center an opportunity to get out. The kids loved it when Nate said that he liked the English teacher we were helping. After this, we participated in another activity before we were separated into groups to get interviewed by the kids and interview them in turn. This was when the we really got a sense of how good their English skills are. Personally, I was very impressed. The kids I was talking to were far better at English than I am at Spanish.

After the English classes we drove over to the "Escuelita" to start teaching some Frisbee. When we got there, we were greeted by a group of 30 or so eight-year-olds and all of our plans for organized teaching evaporated. It was beautiful, beautiful chaos. Some kids grabbed disks and started chucking them all over the place. Other kids thought that the most fun objects to play with were us. I ran up and down the sport court with one eight year old after another on my back telling me to "corre, rĂ¡pido!" (run, fast!)
This kid didn't want to give the disk back
As it turned out, the eight-year-olds were not the kids we were supposed to be teaching. 10 minutes later another group of middle to high school aged kids shows up and we begin to show them the basics, starting with how to catch. We showed them four ways to catch: like a tortilla, a bear, a crab, and a chicken.
One kid took the tortilla catch a little too seriously.
After catching, we taught them how to throw both backhand and flick. We played some games with them and eventually played a game of keep away. After that it was back to the main building for lunch followed by frozen fruit covered in chocolate. 
Simple and delicious
When Lunch ended we went back to to English class, this time helping a class of 10- to 12-year-olds. The goal for this class was to get the kids to start stringing words together into phrases. To do this we played "Go Fish" with them and everything had to be in English. It was a little overwhelming at first but after some time things got under control. 
Tristan settling a dispute

Nate, the crowd favorite
English eventually ended and it was right back on the bus for us as we were headed back to the escuelita to teach more Frisbee. We had a new group of kids this time, this time from 10 to 12 years old and also very excited. We went through the same routine as before. First explanations of catching methods, with very enthusiastic demonstrations...
"Catch like a bear!!!"
Then we taught them how to throw.
USA Ultimate outreach

A lot of the kids picked it up very quickly.
Practicing the flick
The day ended with "Gringos vs. kids" soccer games, I won´t say who won though.

All in all it was a great day. We finally got to start showing kids how to play Frisbee and just interact with the kids in general. I know I´m excited for tomorrow and all of you should stay tuned for more of our adventures!


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