Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Safe Passage Film Screening

Hey everyone!

This is Nathan “Nate Dogg” Warden and I’m one of the Darkside volunteers for our upcoming service trip to Guatemala. All of us (particularly Tristan) are pretty busy working to fundraise and garner support for the trip so I thought I’d write for the blog this time. Hopefully I won’t botch it!

Recently a number of us volunteers worked and attended the film screening and Q&A explaining what Safe Passage is and it was very enlightening for all of us to say the least. I for one signed up for this trip because I’m committed to ultimate and a service trip to Guatemala sounds like an incredible experience, but I really had no idea what cause we were really working for. But I can tell you (now that I know more) that Safe Passage is a damn good cause that I’m very happy to be a part of. These kids are (quite literally) growing up in a dump and the Safe Passage School is their way up and out of it. It is giving these kids education, role models, and moral support that they just cannot get in the piles of scrap they call home. As someone looking to be a dad someday, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to give my kids the opportunity to be whatever they want and this school is that way for these kids. So for this summer, these kids are going to be my kids. Let’s get to work baby!


Find out more at: http://www.safepassage.org/ or come to our film screening this week at the Campus Y at 6pm!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Were Back... and there is more fundraising to come

Hi everyone, after a break over winter break we are back and organizing more fundraising for our trip. We have some great events that I hope people can come out to! Here is what we have so far:

Tuesday February 12th Sweet Frog Benefit
Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt (http://www.facebook.com/sweetfrogchapelhill) has generously offered to donate a % of every receipt when people mention our trip. So go and buy some delicious frozen yogurt on Franklin Street and don't forget to mention UNC's Guatemala Ultimate Frisbee Service Trip!

Thursday February 21st and 28th
From 6pm-8pm
Safe Passage Film Screening and Q&A at the UNC Campus Y
We will be hosting two film screenings of documentaries about Safe Passage and then holding a Q&A session afterwards about Safe Passage and our Ultimate Frisbee Service Trip. On February 28th Arnie Katz, Safe Passage Board Member will also be participating in the Q&A. There will possibly also be baked goods for sale at the film screenings, so bring some spare change to purchase some delicious goodies.

We are in the process of organizing a local Ultimate Frisbee hat tournament as well as a Youth Clinic so check back here for details about that. This weekend we will be raffling off some VC Ultimate Frisbee gear at Queen City Tune Up tournament in Charlotte. We have some more events in the works so check back here to stay updated!

Thank you for everyone's continued support!

Tristan Green
Ultimate Service Trip '13